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Sustainable Home Decor: Making An Eco-Friendly Home

Making A House A Home_Sustanable Home Decor
We definitely strive to make more eco-friendly choices in our everyday lives, such as the brands we buy and the recycling methods we use. We should also consider what we can do to improve our own homes in terms of sustainable home decor. Maybe you haven’t considered sustainable home decor before. It can be very easy to accept all of the things around us as normal and the best choice. But making small eco-conscious choices in our home can offer some wonderful benefits:


Eco-friendly home decor is about much more than just making a decision that is environmentally friendly. It is about choosing safe materials to surround yourself with. Materials such as bamboo, recycled steel, recycled, reclaimed, or sustainable wood and recycled plastic. You see, sustainable decor materials will not release airborne chemicals, or produce uncurbed waste, both of which are important factors to consider.

You may have come across the term volatile organic compounds, or VOCs as they are often known. The products that produce these gases release them into the atmosphere, which can affect the air-quality and our overall health. You’ll find them in a variety of home care and personal care products in and outside the home. It’s something to be aware of when making the purchase. It’s a good idea to look for safe materials and products that have a GREENGUARD certificate, which indicates a commitment to reducing chemical exposure and indoor air pollution.


Having items in your home that reflect nature will also benefit your mental health. Nature has been proven to affect the mind positively, so bringing it indoors can help do the same. Aside from raw materials in the home, there are some stunning air-purifying plants too that can help detoxify your home and boost your mood.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

There are many ways carbon footprint is measured, from energy consumption and materials, to manufacturing and health impacts. There are a few helpful things to look for when selecting products for your home in addition too the GREENGUARD certificate that you’ll find in wallpaper and other decor items.

The ECOLOGO certification provides companies with a credible way of communicating their reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint. This is a good indication of a product’s compliance with stringent, third-party standards for environmental performance. In addition, labels with SFI and FSC will confirm that the wood has come from sustainable managed forests. When choosing sustainable home decor, such as furniture or flooring and you don’t see these markings, ask the questions about where its come from so you’re able to make an informed (and environmentally sound) decision.


Reusing or upcyling as it is sometimes known is making sure furniture in your home gets a second life. It’s about using what you have. Maybe you can sand down an old set of drawers, repaint and use in a different room for example. Old flooring may get a new lease of life in a new part of your home, or old wood can be turned into a shelf or new living room feature. All you need to do is give a little thought and imagination into what you have. It can be surprising how far items you already have can go. Old shelving from cabinets could work as a bedside table, or in the bathroom. The opportunities are endless.

If you can’t reuse, there are plenty of options to make sure the furniture carries on living. You can list as a freebie on Facebook or offer it to loved ones. It may well prompt a job they have been putting off or give the inspiration previously lacking. Have a look around today!

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