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Make Your House A Home

Making A House A Home_Making Your House A Home

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home or maybe you’re living in a space that lacks the homey feel you’d hope for. We all have the ability to instantly feel at home if we are in a space that we love, but for others, making our house a home can take a little more effort. When that feeling of home is lacking, it may be difficult to know where to begin. Here are some easy ways to achieve that cosy, homey vibe in your home.

Fill The Walls

What do you see when you look around your home? When the walls and shelves lack memories, it’s time to add some. You can instantly enhance the ambiance of your space by hanging up pictures of your friends and family. If you have pictures that connect memories, then when in a certain space, you’ll also feel connected to that space. Along with personal pictures, you can also use favourite art pieces to show off your unique style. You could also create a feature wall or go for wallpaper that reflects your style, or choose a bold colour. Any expression and personal touch will help your house feel like home.

Keep Your Space Clean

If you’re surrounded by clutter, dirt, and lack of space, it can be hard to feel comfortable. A comfortable environment also affects your overall wellbeing. Though the pace of life is hectic, make sure to keep your favourite place to unwind feeling clear. To create a feeling of comfort, you can also light your favourite candle scents in the room. It is a good idea to complete a few home tasks daily so the chores don’t feel overwhelming. A little and often approach works best.

Utilise The Shelves

Make your house feel like a home by adding personal memorabilia to the shelves. You might like to add your favourite books to the shelf, or ornaments from your childhood, anything that makes you feel warm and happy. When you decorate a space with items that are meaningful to you, the feeling of home can be instantly evoked. Items from your childhood can be particularly calming and comforting.

Add Softness And Comfort

Feeling cosy in your space is the essence of home. You should invest in soft cushions and a warm blanket to sink into at night if you are lacking them. Select a blanket that will instantly make you feel comfortable, as well as a few scatter cushions, to alleviate stress and help you relax. A comfortable evening at home, spent in softness, is what everyone needs.

You should also think about where you will relax whilst you’re in the room too. Think about comfy nooks, beanbags and chairs. Perhaps you could fit a hammock in one of the rooms, as that’s the ultimate when it comes to relaxation.

Focus On Lighting

Poor lighting can make a space feel anything but homely. It is a good idea to choose lighting with warmer tones like white or yellow that create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Try adjusting your lamps or playing with your dimmers. The light can reflect your mood on any given day. Additionally, candles can add a relaxing atmosphere to a room.

House Plants

Indoor house plants have been proven to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing by making you feel happier and more relaxed. They can boost your mood, reduce fatigue and generally lift your spirits, as well as improve air quality that can help with headaches. In addition to improving air quality, indoor plants have other benefits. As plants release water vapour into the air, humidity increases, thus offsetting the drying effects of heating systems. Skin and respiratory health are improved as a result. Those with respiratory concerns and allergies may find this to be extremely beneficial.

Some people may find it difficult to maintain indoor house plants, so you should choose a low maintenance plant that can be hard to kill. We love these indoor plant suggestions from Ideal Home, titled ‘almost impossible to kill’.

You can make your house feel like a home with these ideas, most of which are low cost, some of which cost nothing at all, and use your household items. Any time spent making your house a home is time well spent.

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