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How To Select The Right Carpets For Your Home

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There are a few key considerations when looking to select carpets for your home. Budget plays a huge role as prices can vary quite considerably per square metre. Starting as little as £5 for synthetic and increasing to well over £100, per square metre for a woollen design. You’ll also need to think about the area the carpet will be going into. Is it a busy, high traffic area like a hallway? Or will there be lots of little feet using it, do you have a household with pets? If so, you’re going to need something that works for the space, and that’s easy to keep clean.

You’ll also have a preference in terms of how it feels – nothing beats a plush, high-pile carpet underfoot, but you also might be looking for a steady finish for a high traffic area that’s affordable. This article aims to look at the choices in order to help you best choose how to select carpets for your home.

Woven Carpets

You’re looking at paying around £50-£60 per square metre for a woven carpet, and within this there are two types to consider. Axminster or Wilton. With Axminster carpets, the backing material is woven into and out of carpet fibres. Whereas with a Wilton carpet, a continuous strand of yarn is woven into carpets on the same loom. Both are very high-quality, woven carpets. Plus, they are built to last and usually feature a baroque design, so are a solid choice for very high traffic areas.

Tufted Carpets

A tufted carpet is what we are more used to seeing in our homes. A very basic wool carpet starts at around £2 per square metre and goes up to £12-£15 for the cheapest synthetic carpets. There are two types of piles for tufted carpets: looped and cut. Looped carpets are extremely durable so perfect for busy areas. Though if you have pets, this type can be problematic as little claws commonly get caught in the fibres thus making the carpet pull. Twist carpets make a better choice for those with pets and if you’re looking for something very hard-wearing and that won’t expose the daily dirt. Saxony carpets are soft, deep-pile. So perfect for rooms you want to feel that little extra comfort like a bedroom or living room.

Synthetic Carpets

A synthetic carpet such as a nylon is considered one of the most durable types available. It features a resident texture, it won’t hold compression marks for very long, it’s very easy to clean, stain resistant and is resistant to environmental damage. There’s also plenty of choice in this range with every variety of style, colour and texture options available. However, it will wear more quickly than its counterparts and although affordable it does cost slightly more than other synthetic carpets and doesn’t feature that soft feel underfoot. It’s a great option for pet owners.

Polypropylene is the most budget-friendly of the synthetic options. Often blended with real wool, polyester looks and feels like wool. The stain resistance of this synthetic material is similar to that of other synthetics. Nylon is viewed as the most durable in this range. It’s stained resistant, will keep its colour and design and works well for households with pets and children.

Woollen Carpets

The natural fibres of wool make them durable, heat and sound insulating. As well as controlling humidity levels, they are capable of absorbing and releasing moisture in the room. Although their price is higher than synthetics, their colours can fade if they are consistently exposed to sunlight. Woollen carpets do offer fantastic resilience in terms of general wear and tear and soiling.

Wherever you’re looking to select carpets for your home, it’s always wise to start with a few samples. You can see how they feel underfoot and observe them at different times of day to really see how they’ll work in their desired space.

Having underlay will also help your carpet feel as good as it can over time, and help with heat installation. With prices starting from as little as £5 per square metre for a synthetic carpet right up to over £100, there’s lots of space in-between for a compromise in between what will match both your wish list and budget. This easy carpet calculator can help you get started.

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