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It’s been a tough couple of years for the hospitality industry and many need educating about the industry as a whole. Some people don’t realise how hard hospitality staff work and how challenging their jobs can be. Culinary Schools offers that education; it’s a great resource, for children as well as adults, and it’s a fun resource, as well as useful. If you have kids at home, this is something you’ll want them to get involved with.

The Pandemic And The Hospitality Industry

The pandemic has been catastrophic for many industries and the hospitality sector is no exception. When the pandemic hit, travel decreased and many hotels and restaurants were forced to close their doors. There was also a 30% drop in foreign tourism, thus leading to decreased revenues for hotels and resorts.

It’s been a tough ride for people working in hospitality. Millions of people have lost their jobs, or had their hours greatly reduced. It has been difficult for some to make ends meet.

The Importance Of Tipping

As the current climate has been so tricky, tipping has become more important than ever. It is important to tip your waiter or waitress at the end of your meal, because it ensures they are paid fairly for their work. The waiter or waitress may only be on minimum wage,  but they typically make up to twice as much in tips. To ensure you are tipping fairly, you can use a tips calculator.

tip calculator

This tip calculator, from Culinary Schools, is a great tool as you’re able to explain how many are splitting the bill and how good the experience was. The better the experience, the bigger the tip you should aim to give, but this tool will tell you how much you should pay. Tipping really does make a difference to those working in hospitality. Now more than ever.

Educating Kids Through Games

It’s important that children are aware of what’s going on in the world and the Culinary Schools website has a number of kids games that your children can play, to help them to understand how the hospitality world works.

Open Restaurant is a brilliant game, because it shows children what a server has to do to manage the restaurant floor. The player has to do each of the following steps:

  1. Seat guests when they arrive.
  2. Take the food order.
  3. Get the food from the kitchen and serve it.
  4. Take payment for the food served.
  5. Clear the table.
  6. Hit the restaurant;’s daily target in time.

This game is quite quick-paced and it’s probably better suited to children aged nine and up, but it is a useful tool. This game forces children to prioritise and to ensure that different customers are kept happy throughout their visit. They will have a greater understanding of what waiters and waitresses do after playing.

It’s great to find such a useful resource, that serves adults and children alike. Myself and my husband will be using the tips calculator the next time we eat out. My children will continue to play to games and to develop their knowledge of the culinary world, in a fun, age-appropriate way.

Note: this is a collaborative post.

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