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Decorate For Autumn On A Budget

Decorate For Autumn On A Budget

If you like to decorate over the ‘ber months’ (September, October, November and December), then you might have noticed that there is a bigger range of autumnal decor in the shops during this time of year. However, there are plenty ways to decorate for autumn that are free, or a fraction of the cost you will pay in the shops.

Get Inspired

When you want to decorate for autumn on a budget, you need to get inspiration for the decor that you want to have in your home.

A great place to start is Pinterest, where you can find autumn decor as well as crafts to follow. You can also take inspiration from Instagram, magazines and from visiting home decor shops and garden centres.

Visit The Charity Shops And Car Boot Sales

Charity shops and car boot sales are great places to find autumn deco, or materials to craft autumn decor for less than you’d pay when buying them new.

You never know what you will find, so keep an open mind. For example, if you see a bright blue plant pot that would be perfect if it was in an autumnal orange or brown colour, then consider painting it.

Collect Pine Cones

Pinecones instantly make me think of autumn and the great news is that you can usually find them for free whilst out on walks. You can either make an activity out of going on a dedicated pine cone collecting walk or you can start collecting them as and when you see them.

When you have a big enough collection of pine cones then you will want to clean them to remove insects and sap before you use them to decorate. Simply submerge them in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar for 30 minutes then shake off the excess water and bake them in the oven at 200c, until the pine cones open up again, which could take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Once you have a stash of cleaned pine cones there are so many budget-friendly decorations that you can make.

Some ideas include:

  • A pine cone wreath for your front door
  • Fill a vase or bowl with pine cones for a simple decorative piece
  • Make animals out of pine cones

Leaf Photo Frame

This inexpensive craft idea not only makes a lovely decorative item but also a great autumnal activity for children.

You will start by collecting some of your favourite autumn leaves and then place them in between greaseproof paper in the middle of a heavy book. Leave them in there for at least 12 hours.

You can then carefully remove your leaves and place them into a spare photo frame or one you have picked up cheaply. You now have a beautiful decorative piece.

Use Candles

Just changing the lighting in your home can have a dramatic effect, so autumn is the time to start getting your candles out.

Buying candles doesn’t need to be expensive – you can pick them up cheaply from places like B&M Bargains or Home Bargains, or scour Facebook Marketplace for a job lot.

Switch Out Your Accessories

You don’t need to buy brand new bedding, throws, cushions and curtains for autumn, especially if you want to decorate on a budget.

If you are crafty then you can update your current soft furnishings in a variety of ways. You might want to dye your duvet covers to more autumnal colours, or add pompoms in browns and oranges to your existing soft furnishings using something like Velcro of Wonderweb.

Enjoy The Scent Of Autumn

You can buy an autumnal scented essential oil for just a couple of pounds from places like Amazon, and use it around your home to bring the smell of autumn inside. Along with candles, you can create a cosy, autumnal atmosphere to enjoy.

Decorating for the seasons can really help to make a house feel like a home. We hope we’ve given you some ideas, so you can get decorating.

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