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Choosing Wallpaper For Your Interiors

Choosing Wallpaper_Making A House A Home

The process of choosing wallpaper for your home can be a daunting one. You might be unsure about colour schemes, whether to go for bold prints or feature walls, whether pastel colours or bright blocks of colour work best. There are so many wallpaper options and the right wallpaper can completely transform a room no matter its size, so it is important to get it right. We provide some tips on how to choose wallpaper so you can finally begin your decorating journey.

The Light Of The Room

If you’re decorating a room without natural light or windows, or even a North-facing wall, you’ll want to pick a wallpaper that reflects light around the space in question. Metallic colours can do this really well and patterned prints featuring light colours. Patterns of a smooth pattern will also reflect light in a naturally dark space. Dark colours will give the illusion that the room is smaller because light will be drawn in, so it’s a good idea to distinguish what you want from the vibe of the room before you make your choice.

Know How Colour Works

A coloured wall can set the tone for any room and work with or against it. You may want to find a room’s imperfections or make the space appear bigger, a cooler shade like green or blue will do this really well and can also make the ceilings appear higher. These are calming shades and can work well in bathrooms. Warmer shades tend to offer more of a statement and you often see these colours on a feature wall. Red and orange variations can be a great choice for a North-facing room.

Use Texture

The use of patterned and textured wallpaper can mask a room’s imperfections, as well as hide eye sores such as bad plastering or holes in an old house’s walls. The three dimensional look will guide the eye away from dips in the wall or general wear and tear. Choosing wallpaper of this type will also offer a great deal of protection that you wouldn’t see from a painted wall, so its durability factor also has plenty of appeal.

Access Suitability

Large-scale patterns with powerful colouring will create a formal space and patterns that have regular spacing will provide a light style. As a general rule, small-scale patterns create an air of spaciousness, while large-scale designs create an atmosphere of intimacy. Select patterns with large scales and bright colours with dark backgrounds to make an empty room look furnished.

On the other hand, an open dimensional pattern, such as a trellis design, will give flat walls the appearance of depth. It’s all about balance. A room without patterns may bore you, whereas a room with too many patterns can be uncomfortable. In general, you should pick a pattern that repeats the same colour or value of the same colour when mixing stripes, florals, or plaids between the different areas of a room. To facilitate and simplify the matching process, many wall covering books are organised by colour to make choosing wallpaper that little bit easier.

Interior design can take years to master, but the goal is to achieve a home you’ll love being in and rooms you’ll be proud of. It’s about creating a space that is truly your own. Check out our tips for choosing the best (and most affordable) home decor, covering colour palettes, furniture styles, and room layouts.

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